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Haley J. Higgs

Social Media Resume April 28, 2010

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Link to my Social Media Resume

The last assignment for my Social Media and PR class was to create a social media resume. At first I was a little unsure about having my business all over the web but the more I thought about it, with me being active in social media, my business is already out there. Having a social media resume is beneficial to me because it allows potential employers to find me. It is more than a LinkedIn profile because my social media resume has portfolio elements included. Potential employers can now see me through social media and be able to see my resume and a few portfolio items.

There are several sites that are easy and free, such as: WixWeeblyVisualCV or Google Sites. I created my social media resume by simply creating another blog. That way, it is easy to track and edit. I can also link it to my real blog so employers can see more writing samples and my involvement in social media. If you are involved in social media and haven’t created a social media resume, I encourage you to create one now!


2 Responses to “Social Media Resume”

  1. Torben Rick Says:

    Great post – Thanks. Why not create your own digital business card website, digital curriculum vitae, personal branding landing page

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