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I Love PRSSA April 20, 2010

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I am a member of PRSSA and I love every minute of it! If you are a college student studying public relations, I highly encourage you to get involved with your PRSSA Chapter. The following information may help entice you to join.

What is PRSSA?

PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. PRSSA is a national run student organization. PRSSA operates under its parent organization Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The purpose of PRSSA is “to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners.”

According to the National PRSSA website, PRSSA aims to foster the following:

  • Understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession
  • Appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles
  • Awareness of an appropriate professional attitude
  • Appreciation of Associate Membership in PRSA and eventually accredited membership

Why do I love PRSSA?

I have been a member of PRSSA for three years and served on executive board for one year. During that time, PRSSA has offered me many opportunities that I would never have received otherwise. I have attended conferences, networking events, shadow days, regional activities and most recently; I served as the Georgia Southern Delegate to PRSSA National Assembly. I consider each of the experiences irreplaceable in my life.

I look forward to every PRSSA meeting we have and all of the bi-weekly e-mails from headquarters. But more importantly than all of the many places I’ve gotten to go and things I’ve gotten to experience, I think what I’ve enjoyed the most and gained the most from are the people I have gotten to meet.

If you haven’t heard it before, let me tell you. PR is all about networking. Introduce yourself, shake a hand, smile, exchange business cards and repeat. Through networking at PRSSA events, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with some amazing professionals in the field. I have received advice from corporate executives. I have had conference calls with CEOs. And I have even traded business cards with individuals starting their own firms.

(Please remember that networking isn’t about handing out resumes and getting a job. Networking is about getting your name out there and making an impression.)

PRSSA has benefited me in more ways than I can explain. Just by being a member, I can access a job and internship center, apply for scholarships and awards, participate in national competitions and chat with professionals. PRSSA is a great thing to have on your resume but if that is all you join for, I pity you. If all you want is a name on a resume then you’ve missed the entire point of PRSSA. PRSSA is about networking, building relationships and learning about PR first hand. Like I said at the beginning, go join PRSSA but if you join just for the sake of your resume…you’re the one missing out.


6 Responses to “I Love PRSSA”

  1. allykup123 Says:

    This was a great post. I have heard the PRSSA name before but have never been able to really learn what it is all about. After reading this I definitely was much more knowledgable on the subject! It also made me want to look further into the PRSSA program here at Georgia Southern. You never realize that there are so many opportunities right in front of you! Although I will not be able to join PRSSA (I am getting ready to graduate) I still really got a lot out of this post and would recommedn PRSSA to anyone in the Communications department here at Georgia Southern!

  2. Jessica Cameron Says:

    You forgot to mention one of the reasons you love PRSSA is because of the current Vice President…ME! I think it’s great that you love it so much and you have taken advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented to you through PRSSA. Are you excited about the elections coming up future President of PRSSA?! I know you are! I wish you could have gone to conference with us in San Diego and gotten to experience all the great speakers and seminars we went to. You would have gotten a lot of laughs and me and Megan too! I hope you can get everyone as excited about PRSSA next year as you are and help all the members get excited about meetings, unlike this Spring.

  3. laurenashleylee Says:

    I am so happy to hear that you love PRSSA so much. It is wonderful to have organizations such as this one for students to use to further their college careers. I know that PRSSA has been beneficial to you and its other members. This blog makes me want to be a PRSSA member. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ashleigh martin Says:

    Haley, I am a member of PRSSA and agree with your post all the way. Unforunutely I was one of those members who joined PRSSA for the sake of my resume. The chapter here offers so much for the public relations students at Georgia Southern and I think we all need to take advantage of it. Not only do you get to meet fellow peers, but you get the opportunity to network with important professionals around the area, attend conferences, and do some pretty cool things. I wish wasn’t soo busy this year so I could be more involved in the organization. I definitely encourage membership and can’t wait to get more involved next semester!

  5. ladyd23 Says:

    PRSSA is defiantly something that I would love to be a part of. I am not sure if Southeastern has a chapter, but it is defiantly worth finding out. I think the hardest thing for graduating PR students is making connections and establishing relationships with professionals. Even if college if students have made connections with professionals, I feel that like myself many students and new graduates feel inadequate to build a professional relationship with these PR professionals. Questions such as; what do I have to offer? Or what can I bring to this friendship? Cross my mind when meeting a successful professional. I think PRSSA would be a great meeting ground where it becomes less awkward and the purpose of the friendship has already been established. Networking is so important in media rooted professions that any organization that helps PR students establish these relationships is a gem! I would love to know more about this organization. It would be great if you could send me a link that can direct me to more information.

    • hhiggs87 Says:

      Here is the link to the National PRSSA website:

      I had those same questions but after being in PRSSA I feel so much more confident. You have to remember they are just people and at one point they were standing in the same place we were. Everyone starts off at the same level. I really encourage you to join if you have a chapter. If you don’t you can still be involved through the PRSSA Affiliate Program. Here is the link to that:

      I was just elected to serve as the 2010-2011 President of my chapter, so if there is anything I can do or help you with to get involved, feel free to contact me!

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