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Guest Blogger April 16, 2010

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This week in my Social Media and PR class, we were asked to have a guest writer featured on our blog. So, the following blog post was written by Allie Schulmper. Allie is my classmate and fellow PRSSA Executive Board Member. The post I am featuring was originally written in January of this year but it was a blog post that really caught my attention. I hope you enjoy!

TOW #3 – Social Media Monitoring

Written by: Allie Schulmper

Is social media monitoring ethical? Provide commentary and discussion on both sides of the issue, and offer your personal viewpoint.

For my topic of the week for week #3 in Barbara Nixon’s Social Media and PR course, we were asked if social media monitoring is ethical or not. This is a difficult question because there so many view points about this topic.

In my opinion, it depends on how you are monitoring a company or brand and what your purposes are for monitoring them. For this course, we have to monitor a Fortune 500 company to see what is being said about them through various social media sites. I believe that if people are monitoring social media to benefit a company or brand or to better their products, than there is nothing ethically wrong with this. Domino’s has recently come out with a new campaign that shows how they have improved many of their products because of all the criticism that they have received about their company and their items. Below is a video showing what they have done:

Domino’s used what people were saying and writing on social media sites about their company to better their pizza and to hopefully better their company’s image.

Those are a few examples of how social media monitoring may be used positively and effectively. On the other hand, I believe that there are things that are unethical when monitoring social media. People have to realize that although everyone has a right to their own opinion, it is in my opinion, unethical to write derogatory or rude things about a company that are not true or factual. Danielle La Marca wrote a post, “Social Media Code of Ethics,” that I found to be true and interesting. It is important to always be respectful, honest, credible, and objective when monitoring various social media sites.


2 Responses to “Guest Blogger”

  1. kdwhigham Says:

    I haven’t seen this video before, but I have tried their new pizza and I have to say it is delicious, especially compared to their old stuff. Part of my wonders though if this campaign has anything to do with the whole incident last year of the youTube video of employees playing with food. Maybe they felt they needed a change after that?? well it’s helping!

  2. aschlum1 Says:

    Awesome blog post!! haha After I wrote this blog post, more and more commercials about Dominoes new pizza have been coming out. They are really trying to revamp their business and put a new spin on things. I think it is working because I know after all of their new commercials that I wanted to try the new pizza. Their commercials, in my opinion, are helping their business and making more people want to see what they have changed about their food. I think this campaign definitely had to do with the YouTube video that came out last year… but whatever they are doing, it seems to be working!

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