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Viral Videos April 14, 2010

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What is a viral video? The easiest way to answer this question is by showing an example. The following video is called “David after Dentist.” Take a look and then we can start answering some questions.

So, why is this a viral video? Well, Wikipedia defines a viral video as a video “that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email.” These videos are usually funny and appeal to a vast audience. Viral videos are typically spread via the internet. If one person sees the video and finds it funny/relatable, then typically they will forward it on to a friend; thus, a viral video.

The video above is a viral video because of the humor and the ability to relate to it. Everyone has been to the dentist and everyone loves a cute kid. If you put those two things together, it is the perfect recipe for a viral video.

This video is another example of a viral video. The cuteness factor plays a major role in why this video became a viral video. (The video is appropriately named “All My Single Babies.”) A baby in only a diaper, dancing to Beyonce has the humor and cuteness that people love. They watch it and enjoy it, and then they send it on to another person.

The last example of a viral video (above) is a different type of viral video. This started out as a commercial that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. Not long after that, this commercial quickly found its way to YouTube and from there, into every e-mail in-box and Facebook page and Twitter post.  This commercial is a viral video. The way it spread is nothing short of viral. Nowadays, it would probably be difficult to find someone who hasn’t seen this video or at least heard of the “Betty White commercial.” To me, this is the best example of a viral video. It is funny, it is relatable and it is something people don’t get tired of watching.


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