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Figuring out Foursquare February 28, 2010

Filed under: TOW — hhiggs87 @ 5:05 pm

In the past month, I have seen so many people tweet things about something called  I had no idea what it was or what the big deal about it was. All I could gather was that people were using it to tell others their exact location. To be honest, it sort of freaked me out a little bit. Do I really want people knowing where I am 24/7? So, before I went any further, I decided to research it and figure out what it was.

As I looked the internet over, I came across a great website that told me all I need to know about Foursquare. So what is it? Foursquare, according to the website, is a location service-based social network-come-game. The website stated that foursquare is “like Google Lattitude meets a little bit of Facebook, a touch of Twitter, a dash of Qype and even a twist of World of Warcraft.”

From what I can tell, the game part comes when users get points for checking-in.  Users get points every time they check-in but the points have no purpose except for bragging right.

In my mind, this really didn’t strike me as a “game” I want to play. That being said, I think companies and businesses can use this to track business. To them, this game can provide vital information. On a personal level, I cannot recognize how it could benefit me.

To be completely honest, I find this somewhat dangerous. It doesn’t strike me as a game at all but more of a stalkers best friend. How can it be fun or safe to give out your exact location every time you go somewhere? Anyone can see where you are. Stalkers can find you and robbers can know when you are out of the house. I think is taking social networking sites to a dangerous level. Sure, it might have started as just a game but there is nothing “game-like” about it.


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