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Haley J. Higgs

A “Groundswell” Goodie February 28, 2010

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Participating in the groundswell has the potential to benefit your company in ways you may not have realized, according to Groundswell by Li & Bernoff. In the last three chapters, the authors look at how the groundswell can transform your company, the groundswell inside your company and the future of groundswell.

How groundswell can transform your company: The key here is to start small. You cannot go in thinking you are going to change everyone in one swoop. Groundswell may take a little time. Focus on one person at a time. Have them do a blog here or a tweet there. Don’t overwhelm them in their first experience. Begin with a small position. The groundswell will gain power as it grows. By the time it reaches the CEOs, there will be no stopping it.

The groundswell inside your company: You have to tap the groundswell inside your own company. This begins first with internal communications. The internal communications can focus on several different objectives.

  • Listening
  • Talking
  • Energizing
  • Supporting
  • Embracing

You must also nurture the internal groundswell within the company. You can do this by:

  • Making management listen
  • Ramping up in stages and easing people’s participation
  • Finding and encouraging the rebels

The future of groundswell: The groundswell way of thinking has the potential to benefit every company and organization if they utilize it. In order to do this, companies must listen, be flexible and participate. Companies have to listen to what people are saying about them. They have to stay in the know and they have to respond accordingly. Companies also have to be flexible. Opinions change, the market changes and in order to stay on top companies cannot get flustered and overwhelmed. They have to remain flexible. Lastly, companies have to participate. The only way to benefit from the groundswell is to participate in it. Stick your toe in at first, yes. But to receive the best benefits, you have to submerge yourself in the groundswell.


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