Social Media and PR

Haley J. Higgs

Does PR have a PR Problem? February 2, 2010

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PR has been shown in several ways. To one extreme, all PR professionals live like Carrie Bradshaw. To another PR is nothing more than lies and spin. PR has never really found its happy medium in society because on one other than those in the business actually understand what it is.

Over the last year, PR has had to make a shift. Social media is becoming huge and PR has to change in order to keep up. In an article written by Ross Dawson, he discusses the future of PR. He provides six facets of future PR:

  1. Clients Expect More
  2. Media is Transformed
  3. Business is a Conversation
  4. Information Flows in Every Direction
  5. Transparency is a Given
  6. Influence Networks are at the Heart

I’ll let you read what he has to say. But from my point of view, PR professionals don’t conform to this method of thinking and realization then there will be no place for them. Social media is the chance for people to finally see what PR is all about. The promoting, the designing, the layouts, the aiding of clients, the constant flow of information, it is all available in social media.

I really liked the way Dawson closed his article. He said, “We are entering a world in which the flow of information and perceptions will drive much of the value creation in a highly networked global economy. The PR industry should be looking forward to a time of massive prosperity, in which it extends itself to play in entirely new fields of media and communication.”


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